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Love Yourself Day 2 // Vday Shenanigans


Love Yourself is our special Valentine’s 2017 series. The theme is pretty much self-explanatory; with our very first Valentine’s series, we thought it would be most apt to veer away from couples and romance, and bring back the focus on self-love and empowerment. This will be a weeklong series filled with tips, anecdotes, lists, and anything else  we want to share, to inspire you to give yourself some love. February is the month of love, and what’s more important than loving yourself? 😉

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Happy Heart’s Day, everyone! It’s finally February 14, and for some people it may be just an ordinary Tuesday, but despite that, we hope it was still full of love and lots of pretties for all of you!  Today we will share what we’ve been up to on this day of love.



Sprained Ankle Leads to Self-Reflection on Valentine’s Day: Recently, I fell down from my bike in my spinning class and sprained my ankle (about 5 minutes into it LOL). This is supposed to be a huge bummer because that means I can’t go out the whole week and that all my plans are now cancelled, but somehow that wasn’t my main concern. My first thought after getting a sprained ankle was actually, “Now I just need a cute guy to come along and piggy back me everywhere I go” (hehe me and my fantasies) but of course, that was completely dismissed a few seconds after and was replaced with “YAY I GET TO AVOID PEOPLE FOR 1 WEEK BECAUSE I CAN’T GO OUT!”. LOL I don’t even remember when I turned into such a homebody — I used to be extroverted (or maybe I just thought I was). Believe it or not, I actually had plans this week. I was supposed to go have lunch with a bunch of friends, Valentine’s dinner with 2 people who I made a pact with that if the 3 of us were still single by Valentine’s we’d go out together instead (yup, the first time I had plans on Valentine’s), and a trip to a food park to support my friend’s bingsoo stall.Well, now everything’s flushed down the drain — I guess that’s that for being sociable this week!

With these cancelled plans and more staying home and doing nothing and nursing my foot back to its former glory, it’s put me in a bit of a melancholic mood. I feel broody and poignant all of a sudden, the feeling when you get into an accident and you ponder life and think about what you’ve been doing your whole existence. How poetic. So today, I’ve been thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day and what it means to me, if it does mean anything that is.

And I’ve found out that actually, I’m one of those people who don’t believe in holidays like Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because I’m a strong independent woman who need no man to tell me cheesy things like I’m the prettiest person in the whole world, and  make me feel loved, and send me flowers and chocolates and make me swoon and basically treat me like the princess that I am — thinking about these things and seeing couples everywhere together actually make me gag. (That made me sound like a bitter old hag, didn’t it?)

You would think I’d find it cute, or at least be okay with it, by now. I’ve only been everyone’s go-to love adviser — the  one they send lovey-dovey screenshots of messages from their boyfriends (or girlfriends) to, the one who wipes their tears and snots during breakups, the one who they ask for help for surprises during anniversaries, valentine’s confessions, yep you name it – ever since, I don’t know, maybe my past life? (One time I even went to the flower market to buy flowers for my guy friend ’cause he didn’t have the time! LOL)

But here’s the thing: I’ve never actually experienced any of those things, so I don’t see how it’s cute or sweet or whatever, although… there’s a fat chance that when those things actually do happen to me, I’ll turn into the number 1 hypocrite and be all giddy and giggly and corny and sentimental, like one of those people who write love letters on tissue papers, keep used movie tickets to remember first dates, touch each other in public as if you just can’t keep your hands off each other like animals, or keep a lock of your lover’s hair and put it under your pillow so you can sleep with it every night — oh, scratch that last one, that sounded a bit borderline stalker-ish (See, I told you, I know nothing about these sort of things!). Well, when (or if) that does happen, I’ll be armed with  tons of secondhand experience from all my friends’ lovelifes and the hundreds of kdramas I’ve consumed since my obsession ate me alive, so I’ll definitely be a pro and not make a fool out of myself. Let’s have a prayer circle over here, right about… now.

With this, putting aside all the peer pressure (all my friends are starting to pair up, geez, what’s up with 2017) and well wishes from family and friends that I find a guy soon, I’m in no hurry to actually celebrate Valentine’s Day (if celebrate it, at all) with a significant other, and I’m very happy with where I am right now. I do think that the most important thing before getting into a relationship with someone is definitely, first and foremost, loving yourself, which I am pretty good at, having been doing it for the past 21 years, haha. And who knows, if in the future someone who meets my impossible standards (Just so you know: face like Song Joong Ki, body like Nam Joo Hyuk and personality like Park Bo Gum – Ha, aren’t my standards just perfect?!) actually comes along (yeah, right), I’ll have my arms (and heart and tummy for all the good food we’ll be eating) open. For now, I guess I’ll be okay with believing in this holiday, although my idea of giving love to myself is still staying home and watching my oppas in my kdramas (squee!!! I somehow get giddy when it comes to my shows, but when it comes to real people I get so guarded and stoic), browsing around websites and blogs for more beauty products to try and buy, and binge eating my chocolates, like the usual. If you’re like me, wow, high five! Let’s be soul sisters (or brothers). But if you’re not, and your idea of celebrating this holiday is going out on a date, getting engaged, celebrating your 123456789th anniversary, or just basking in the awesomeness of having found the love of your life — and basically find this holiday to just be THE!! BEST!!! THING! EVER!!!!! (not judging), well, then I totally respect that. Good for you.

Here’s to a love-filled day to all! I sincerely hope you’re ankle’s not sprained like mine so you won’t be bored and start filling yourself with such useless thoughts and self-reflection. Just enjoy life and stop overthinking is my advice. Sending you lots of love! ❤


I basically spent my whole Valentine’s day at school, and I’m really shocked on how this made my  Valentine’s day much more special. I was really lucky the whole day. I had quizzes and presentations that made me stressed out to the point that I thought of faking being sick just to go home, but I’m so happy how everything just turned out so well. The quizzes I took were easier than I expected, and our presentation was moved as well. During break time, my friends and I gave our secret valentine gifts to the person we randomly got. This year’s Valentine’s Day will surely have a special place in my heart.


Valentine’s Day? No thanks: Oh, what a day it has been! Given that my view of relationships has been completely trashed with all the unnecessary drama of dating, and I am completely, undeniably, pitifully single, Valentine’s Day was disappointingly more dramatic than I wanted it to be.

Relationships are such a big deal that it’s almost as if being single on Valentine’s Day is an unforgivable crime. I guess I never really went through that fairytale phase of wanting to find my Prince Charming, but I can’t say I’ve never been curious about what it would be like to actually date someone. As tempting as a relationship may be, I choose to be single this Valentine’s Day. Why? Well this is largely because of how horrible a time I’ve been having dealing with other people’s relationships, and it’s not like I’ve had much luck with my own love life either. I think I might even have a penchant for attracting slightly (read: very) creepy and painfully persistent men. My love life (not that I really have one) is a sad, sad affair that I successfully forget about around 65% of the time.
With all that said, let’s get back to why this day absolutely sucked. There are three main reasons actually, and only one of them is actually relevant to the Day of Hearts. The first is basic school drama, you know? Just the usual: visit the school office, cry for 15 minutes, fail a math test, fight injustice, scrape off green paint from your desk (because how did that get there in the first place?), scream for practically the entire lunch period… School just isn’t normal if you haven’t felt the urge to throw something at someone all day. Okay, okay, I admit this day was a little wilder than usual, but I was so emotionally aggravated today that I’ve reached the point of being pretty chill as I listen to sad music while being all bundled up and contemplating all the things that went wrong today.

The second reason would have to be that my back is dying right now, and I am trying to get into a comfortable position with minimal movement as I write this. I’m only 15, so why do I feel like a 50-year-old struggling through life?

Funny enough, the only piece of drama today that was related to love is also the least significant to me. Least significant because I refuse to deal with it right now. Go ahead and call me immature, but running from your problems work! Lol, I realize that I sound resentful and done, but bear with me, I really am. I received a pic of one of those facebook posts recently about how Valentine’s Day would go for you depending on your birth month. I, being born in January, was told that I would have someone confess their love for me today. I definitely don’t believe those things are real, but it did happen around, like, three hours ago. It was through chat anyway, so that’s like minus 25 sincerity points, but it’s no less stressful than any other confession. There’s also more reasons why I don’t wanna open that chat, but let’s not talk about it. I received the notification while trying to download the latest episode of Hwarang and quickly dismissed it, only having the content of the message process in my mind after a bit. To be honest, I haven’t opened the chat yet, and I am feeling like a bad person. I guess I should go read that message now…

Although I have given up on my love life for the meantime because life is really beating me down right now, I hope that you all don’t give up on love. Romance is fun, and with how sought after it is, I’m sure there’s actually something good in there somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with being invested in the hunt for a significant other. There’s nothing wrong with being invested in your bae. There’s nothing wrong with being invested in watching TV series and breaking your own record of most cake eaten in a day. Just do things that make you happy. Love yourself. If that means extending your cheat day or buying that new lipstick or slapping on an expensive face mask, go do it. Loving myself would entail being kind to the Audrey of tomorrow by clearing up all my unfinished work for today, so this is where I go delve into more real life drama! I hope your Valentine’s Day was better than mine, and I hope that your Valentine’s Day experiences get better every year! :))



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