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Review // Bench Paintbox Eyeshadow Stick

Product details:

What: A creamy eyeshadow stick that promises smooth application and easy blending with a sponge tip that will leave no crease.

Size: 4g/0.140z


Rose Gold


Pink Ivory

Purple Sky

Capri Blue

Brown Pebble

Sandstone (the shade I got) 

Price: 199 pesos but I was able to get it for only 149 pesos

Where to buy: You can find this in almost all local Bench stores or you can purchase it on their website.

Story: It all started when I went to Robinsons Magnolia with two of my best friends (Hi Jela and Andrea!). We had so much time to waste, so we decided to just enter shops that we usually don’t go in to, and one of those is Bench. Upon entering the shop, I didn’t expect to buy anything until I saw their makeup section. Since we were so bored we tried swatching some of their testers, and contrary to our expectations we were so amazed. Everything we swatched didn’t feel cheap at all. Everything also looks higly pigmented. Afterwards our reactions turned into “oooooohhhh” “woooow!” “ang ganda” lol. We ended up buying one each just to test it out if it’s really as good as it looks like.

Packaging: I’m honestly not the biggest fan of this eyeshadow’s packaging. It’s mainly white with different colored caps on both ends and dots at the center. The color varies based on the shade of the eyeshadow. Mine’s a bit like champagne-y, but the packaging shows more of a peachy orange color. It’s definitely a must to swatch out the testers first since the color shown in the cap may not be exactly the same as the product itself. I also feel like they could’ve done better with the packaging to make it look classier, but that’s not really a huge problem. The biggest problem I found with this was I didn’t know how to retract the eyeshadow itself. I’m not even sure if there’s a way to. It feels very light too, so it’s kind of obvious that it’s not a very expensive product. 

Texture: It’s very creamy.

Scent: None.

Application: Yes, it is true that this product has a very smooth application. It also has good pigmentation so with just one to two swipes on your crease, it will already leave a beautiful champagne color. I really have no issues with this product’s application. 🙂

Value for money: This is surely the cheapest eyeshadow stick I ever bought, and I feel like it’s definitely worth your money. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. The formula is really good, and it even comes with a sponge tip. For only 149 pesos, it’s really a steal!

Verdict: If you’re looking for an affordable, yet good eyeshadow, then this one’s perfect for you! I feel like the formula, the pigmentation, and the color variations are just amazing especially for only 149 pesos. I really did not have high expectations for this product or let alone Bench as a whole. This is my first ever beauty item I purchased at Bench, and I can say that I’m pretty satisfied with it. It sticks to my eyelids well without any fallouts. It doesn’t take off that easily, so one application can last me the whole day. Even if the packaging may not be the best one out there, it’s not bad as well. I’m actually quite impressed with this, and I’m excited to try out more of Bench’s beauty line. Oh, I almost forgot, this is made in Korea, so it made me feel like it’s a really good eyeshadow stick even more.

SIDE NOTE: My friend Jela also bought the same product but only in a different shade. She got the shade Pink Ivory, and she told me how she loves the color payoff as well, but the packaging of this simply threw her off. She broke the eyeshadow stick by trying to find out how to retract the eyeshadow itself. She also experienced fallouts and a bit of creasing. With both of our experiences, I thought that maybe different shades have slightly different formulas. Some may be better than the others, so the shade I got might be better than what she got.

Have you tried of any of Bench’s beauty line? If so, what do you think? 🙂


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