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Delicious Days: Kandle Cafe Review

Kandle Cafe is located in Tomas Morato where the food world is certainly bustling and busy. Tucked away between buildings, Kandle Cafe certainly looks a little out of place in the landscape, like a sudden fresh splash of color that is simultaneously odd and pleasing. My friends and I were looking for a place to finish up a project, and we happened to find this place interesting and decided to give it a try. Upon arrival at the cafe, the first thing I remarked upon was how beautiful the place was, something that I did not expect since it was located beside a loud green Puregold building.

Outside Kandle Cafe

Already quite impressed by the exterior, I walked in and was pleased to note that there were both indoor and outdoor areas, both of which strictly ban smoking or vaping. The outside seemed very peaceful, and there was no shortage of plants, but we opted to stay inside to avoid the Manila heat.

Outdoor Area

The interior of the cafe is quite spacious, in fact the cafe is rather large in itself, and there are both metal chairs with rectangular wooden tables and lounge-type couches located further back. We chose a table by the corner with plush chairs, a circular table, and a charging port which I believe can be used for free. There’s also wifi and a nice, calm selection of music. The service was decent, although serving time could be improved. Finishing up groupworks and catching up with friends in Kandle Cafe was absolutely delightful. Even during lunch time, there were only a handful of people present, and even if the place was packed, the area is certainly large enough to still be comfortable.

Our table with the quirky Jack Daniel’s decor
In the Cafe

We ordered a bunch of dishes all within a decent price range of around PHP200-400. They offer various Asian and Western Cuisine like Kimchi Tortilla, Soba, and Black Squid Pasta under three main categories: Starters, Pasta and Salad, and Meats and Seafood. Dessert was, for some reason, not included on the menu, but they are very obviously displayed next to the cashier counter. They also have a respectable amount of drinks including a selection of wine for any sudden midday crises you may want to drown out.

Bulgogi Sandwich + My friends who refused to get out of the shot
Black Squid Pasta (or a name akin to that)

I can’t quite remember the name of this dish, but it’s pretty easy to find. This is one of their bestsellers, or so I’ve been told, but I didn’t get to try it myself; however, my friend assures me it’s delicious and much creamier than it looks. :))

This I really can’t recall the name of, but hey, it looks good!

All in All:

•perfect for chill hangouts with friends

•perfect for (non-messy) group projects

•affordable price range

• yes to wifi and charging area in corners

•delicious food, good portions, and a variety of dishes to choose from

•easy to locate

•no vaping and smoking

•has both outdoors and indoors area

•various cuisine (Western, Asian, etc.)

Kandle Cafe has quickly risen on my list of favorite cafes, and I could definitely find myself coming back in the near future. The next time you’re looking for a cafe to visit or a new place to check out Kandle Cafe is a must. Who knows? You might just keep on coming back! 🙂


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